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Fun Pierce College Science Dome & Planetarium, Rainier Building-Room 263 • 9401 Farwest Dr. SW • 253-964-6440 http://wp.pierce.ctc.edu/blog/sciencedome/ Hobbies Fantasy World Toy & Hobbies • 0011 Lakeview Av.e SW • (253) 682-0930 • http://www.fantasyworldhobbies.com/ Online Trains • 3905 Steilacoom Blvd. SW • (253) 472-7732 • http://www.onlinetrains.com/ Yorkshire Yarns • 6122 Motor Ave. • (253) …

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Lakewood History Museum

  Located in the Colonial Center in the heart of Lakewood, this small storefront Museum brings to life Lakewood area history from its prehistoric period to the present time. Displays will feature natural history and geology, Native Americans, homesteaders to high-society, immigrant communities, local landmarks and more. It’s an easy …

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Fort Steilacoom Dog Park

Fort Steilacoom Dog Park has 22 acres of fenced off-leash, open space. Landscaped with bushes, trees and logs, and furnished with water fountains and benches, this area is the perfect playground for dogs of all sizes. It even includes a separate, fenced-off area for small dogs. The Fort Steilacoom Dog …

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Mount Rainier National Park

Ascending to 14,410 feet above sea level, Mount Rainier stands as an icon in the Washington landscape. An active volcano, Mount Rainier is the most glaciated peak in the contiguous U.S.A., spawning six major rivers. Subalpine wildflower meadows ring the icy volcano while ancient forest cloaks Mount Rainier’s lower slopes. …

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Historic Fort Steilacoom

Fort Steilacoom played a significant role in the settling of Washington Territory. Beginning with its construction in 1849 and ending with its closure in 1868, Fort Steilacoom served as a beacon of American power and promise, promoting the migration of settlers to Washington & securing American interest in the region. …

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Grand Prix Raceway


Generally considered the premier Go Kart-racing facility in the South Sound, Grand Prix provides fans high-speed fun. Grand Prix’s owners have been involved in karting for 40 years and will help you choose the equipment to maximize your experience. Using karts specifically designed for indoor kart racing and competition, the karts’ chassis are equipped with powerful Honda engines, centrifugal clutches, and high performance racing slicks. Computerized scoring, facilitated by individual transponders attached to the karts transmit a signal to the Club Speed scoring system (the same one used by professional racers) means you know exactly how you scored. Continue reading