Historic Fort Steilacoom

Fort Steilacoom played a significant role in the settling of Washington Territory. Beginning with its construction in 1849 and ending with its closure in 1868, Fort Steilacoom served as a beacon of American power and promise, promoting the migration of settlers to Washington & securing American interest in the region. Located in the south Puget Sound, Fort Steilacoom was part of an early network of settlements including forts, camps and military posts owned by either the United States or the Hudson’s Bay Company. Today, people can visit the U.S. Army’s first fort north of the Columbia River, thanks to the Historic Fort Steilacoom Association. It is located on the grounds of Western State Hospital, directly across the street from Fort Steilacoom Park (one of the official park-shuttling areas of the 2015 U.S. Open).

Address: 9601 Steilacoom Boulevard SW; Lakewood, WA 98498

Phone: 253-582-5838

Website: http://www.historicfortsteilacoom.org

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