Grand Prix Raceway

Generally considered the premier Go Kart-racing facility in the South Sound, Grand Prix provides fans high-speed fun. Grand Prix’s owners have been involved in karting for 40 years and will help you choose the equipment to maximize your experience. Using karts specifically designed for indoor kart racing and competition, the karts’ chassis are equipped with powerful Honda engines, centrifugal clutches, and high performance racing slicks. Computerized scoring, facilitated by individual transponders attached to the karts transmit a signal to the Club Speed scoring system (the same one used by professional racers) means you know exactly how you scored. Continue reading

AMC Lakewood Towne Center 12

Located at Lakewood Towne Center, this 12-screen theater offers the best movie-watching experience in the South Sound. Instead of typical, theater-style seating, owners installed soft, oversized recliner chairs that make the movies magnificent. A vast snack bar, 3D movies and easy access to nearby restaurants means you might want to …

Continue reading